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" is inching its way through the streets of los angeles to the california science center. ted chan from our sister station in l.a. joins us with incredible pictures of the slow-moving shuttle. hello, ted. nice to see you tonight. >> reporter: hi. good to see you, too, diane. inching is correct because right now the shuttle is four hours behirnd schedule and moving very slowly, but still there's a lot of excitement along the route. in fact, right here on martin luther king boulevard, you see some crowds beginning to gather to catch a glimpse of the shuttle and see the street is ride open, which means it's still going to be a while before the shuttle actually gets here. one factor as the shuttle moves down the boulevard are the trees here. the city took very great pains to make sure that the shuttle had a clear route. they had to cut down some trees in order to do it. they also had to preserve some trees because they were planted in memory of martin luther king and they not want to cut the trees down. show you video of the shuttle now and talk about the journey that started late thursday, ear
at this. 73 in palm springs. cool for your standard. 67 los angeles. 63 in monterey. now while we have widespread 60s for a lot of you even dropping into some 50s up into the north bay right now 59 in novato and for the east bay you need the jacket if you're heading out here especially in walnut creek and pleasanton with numbers in the upper 50s for tonight. if you decide to eat outside you may need one of those heaters right on top of you. let's bring you out to the live hd sky camera. what we're going to find for tonight is the low cloud cover overhead in san jose. that is not going to budge. in san francisco it will be cloudy right now as you can see ans then we'll get a little fog mixing in here for tonight. here's the great news. we do have a warming weekend coming our way. high pressure building offshore will be good enough to push back some 80s coming in our seven-day forecast. as for tomorrow we'll still look at a little shower activity. by tonight it'll be developing offshore and by the morning hours the best chance of a stray shower looks to be the north bay in santa rosa. yo
. >>> in the age of gps and google maps, using paper is passe. the los angeles public library is deluged with maps for southern california man found tens of thousands them while going through a house that's about to be demolished. we have the story from a sister station in l.a. >> it's tough to find the cottage john feathers lives in on this mt. washington road. you might even call it off the map. ironic, says the man who visited there. >> i was stunned what i saw. >> as the map archivist, glenn was called in by a realtor working for feathers' family. the realtor needed to clear out what feathers amassed over a lifetime. >> this is 500 times bigger than i thought was possible. >> just a little more than 900 square feet. feathers had stashed maps. >> these are in perfect condition. >> tens of thousands of maps. >> there's the thames. >> from europe to the united states to the streets of los angeles. all over the world. and from hundreds of years ago. >> i think that this gift will probably help generations, literally generations of people. >> long before your gps device. >> the maps are actually ki
is in san francisco until sunday before he heads to los angeles. he is in search for other elmo friendly markets where he can work. >> let's bring in our meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking the rain and the heat. >> temperatures well above average, we had low to mid 90s in the north bay, record setting heat, upper 80s and low 90s for the east bay. now we slowly turned to see numbers come down. mild especially in santa rosa. 80. also 82 in livermore. nice night for dinner outside. to the live sky camera network. that's not clouds, that's the haze here as that air quality continues to settle down in the silicon valley. for san francisco, unusual heat with this dry offshore wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour. we did produce 84 degrees in downtown. and we're not done with the heat. the national weather service has prompted a red flag fire warning that will continue throughout tomorrow morning for the northeast and also for the south bay hills, the largest concern for the north bay hills, winds 15 to 25 miles per hour through tomorrow morning, also some very low humidity. so, please extreme
states. president obama is in los angeles. air force one touched down at lax late this afternoon. the president arrived at our nbc studios for his appearance on the "tonight show." with less than two weeks until this election california isn't a swing street, you know that, but a chat with jay leno brings national exposure. >> the white house is back on damage control last night about internal details surfaced about the attack. >> janelle is here with the news around the world. >> two hours after the attack in benghazi white house officials were notified that they claimed responsibility on their twitter and forthcoming pages. three other americans and chris stevens were killed. in the days following the killings they said the attack was fuelled by a spontaneous demonstration over an anti-muslim video and it wasn't until about a week later did they say it was a planned terrorist attack. secretary of state hillary clinton fired back and said the focus should be on catching those responsible. >> posting something on facebook is not in and of itself evidence. i think it just underscor
here in california and in north carolina, los angeles congresswoman lucille roy ball allard is calling for change. >> i was shocked. because i really do believe this is one of our country's dirty little secrets. >> reporter: there are others in congress who are not so eager to pass new legislation to protect children working in agriculture. >> there is just no need for it. >> reporter: senator charles grassley of iowa is a co-sponsor of a bill that would do the opposite. it is called the preserving america's family farms act. the bill would prohibit government from rules governing children working in agriculture. rules that date back to 1938. >> it wouldn't be unusual to be putting in 14 or even 18-hour days. there's probably no difference between dad putting it in and a 12-year-old boy putting it in. >> reporter: supporters of this proposed bill admit nothing is likely to happen on capitol hill quickly. as you just saw, any change in these rules face a tough political battle. coming up, we'll go ban to the fields as the harvest winds up in california and we'll deal into the proposed d
investigation documenting child labor here in california and in north carolina, los angeles congress woman lucille ball ahard is calling for change. >> there are today in this country children working under deplorable conditions and not equally protected under our child labor laws and these are the children who work in agriculture. >> and you want to change that? >> i want to change sna. >> the care act, legislation she first pushed here 12 years ago. >> the care act introduced in order to give children in agriculture here in the united states the same protections that children have in every other indust industry. >> there are others here in congress not so eager to protect children working in agriculture. >> there's no need for it. >> charles grassley of iowa is a co-sponsor of a bill that would do the opposite. it's called the preserving america's family farms act. it would prohibit the government from changing rules governing children working in agriculture, rules that date back to 1938. >> wopt be beyond unusual to put in 14 or 18 hour days and there's probably no difference between da
shuttle through 12 miles of city streets in of all places los angeles. they managed to pull it off without a hitch. the company spent months preparing for the big move. >> it was a huge honor, a huge honor to be part of that project. the people of l.a. were very welcoming and all the public was amazing out there. everyone seemed very happy. >> sarins is no stranger to monumental moves, they moved bridges and nuclear reactors and fire equipment. transporting the shuttle is by far the most visible and most thrilling endeavor. get it? endeavor. >> it's another day in l.a. there's the shuttle on the 405. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. how are we looking? >> they needed a little rain and it could have a lot worse. today's highs real warm out here at least compared to two to three days ago. 85 in santa rosa, 84 in livermore, 77 in san jose and also 81 in redwood city, about a 20-degree jump from what we experienced this time last week. here's the other thing. up in the northwest we are so close to getting some major activity, they're getting pummeled by a second system across washington
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8